Oral Surgery in Elk Grove, CA

Patients may need oral surgery for several reasons. Thanks to our effective sedation techniques, our patients experience minimal discomfort during procedures.

Types of Oral Surgeries

Our experienced dentist near you performs different types of oral surgeries, depending on your needs.

Reconstructive Oral Surgery – We may need to perform reconstructive oral surgery in Elk Grove, CA, in case of facial injuries, trauma, and knocked-out teeth. The goal of reconstructive oral surgery is to correct soft tissue, reinstate missing teeth and treat the jawbone. We will provide very specific instructions regarding aftercare and medication.

Implant Oral Surgery – Implant oral surgery at Laguna Dental and Orthodontics takes approximately one hour to complete, depending on the number of implants. Our skilled dentist and dedicated staff ensure that the patient is relaxed at all times.

Surgical Extraction of Wisdom Tooth – Wisdom teeth erupt after all the other molars have developed and sometimes become impacted due to lack of space in the dental arch. If not removed, they often cause pain, swelling, and damage to surrounding teeth and bone. Our skilled dentist may need to make an incision in the soft tissue to access the offending tooth. The procedure is known as a ‘surgical tooth extraction.’

Jawbone Surgery – Our reliable dentist in Elk Grove, CA, may perform jaw surgery to correct or treated misaligned or damaged jawbone. At times, if orthodontic treatment alone is not enough, surgical intervention may be required.

Gum Graft – A gum graft is an oral surgery intervention that involves transplanting gum tissue. It may be a suitable treatment for patients with advanced periodontal disease and for those who wish to correct a gummy smile.

Oral Surgery Near You

In case of any problems with your teeth, gum tissue, or jaw, or if you need a full mouth reconstruction for better aesthetics, please contact Laguna Dental and Orthodontics for a consultation. High-definition, clear and detailed 3D image scanning helps our trained dentist determine the most suitable solution for your needs. We administer suitable sedation, including laughing gas, oral sedation, or general anesthesia, depending on the procedure.

Oral Surgery Aftercare

You might experience swelling, discomfort, and bleeding following oral surgery at our dental office in Elk Grove. Our oral surgeon near you suggests using ice packs and prescribed medications to manage these symptoms.

Stick to a soft-food diet, avoid hot beverages, and maintain good oral hygiene by gently brushing and rinsing with saltwater. You should also avoid strenuous activities, smoking, and consuming alcohol. Attend follow-up appointments at our Elk Grove dental office as scheduled and communicate any concerns.

Following these guidelines and adhering to the specific instructions provided by our dentist near you will promote healing and minimize complications.

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