Are Same-Day Dental Implants A Good Choice For You?

Are Same-Day Dental Implants A Good Choice For You?

August 4, 2022

Do you have a decayed tooth that s causing a lot of pain? Or do you have a missing tooth due to an injury that left you with an imperfect smile and wondering how to restore your pearly whites?

The good thing is that same-day dental implants are now quite popular in the orthodontic world. This is because they have replaced the traditional implant process, which can take months. Luckily, you can have your smile restored in record time with same-day implants.

Same dental implants are a safe option and the right choice for you. We will walk you through the ins and out of same-day dental implants to guide you in determining whether it is the best option for you.

What Are Same-Day Dental Implants?

Same-day dental implants are always done in a single procedure, usually from 30 minutes to three hours, depending on how many teeth need to be implanted. It is a consistent way of improving the aesthetic of your smile. Instead of spending months at your dentist’s office in Laguna Dental & Orthodontics waiting for your new teeth, you can only get it done on a single trip.

With the traditional implants, there is a lengthy process involved. Your dentist must first extract the affected tooth, and then you wait for 3-4 months for your socket to heal. After that, the implant is inserted, and you also need to wait for 3-6 months. Finally, you will go back to your dentist or the crown to place the implant. Thus, the process may take up to ten months to be finished.

However, getting same-day dental implants in Elk Grove is a quicker process. You will only need to see your dentist at most three times. For a consultation, surgery, and finally, the follow-up. But the actual implantation process will be complete in a single visit. This means that there are no months for waiting for things to heal. This means that you won’t leave your dentist’s office with your permanent teeth but a full smile.

How Much Do Same-Day Dental Implants Cost?

The cost of immediate dental implants is higher because of the convenience of having the dental implants on the same day. They include:

  • Single and multiple implants costs. The cost of replacing one or even multiple teeth in one session range from $750 and $2500.
  • Cost of full mouth dental implants in a single day. Replacing all of your teeth on your lower jaw and upper jaw with implants can cost up to $30000 for a single plate. This option is best for patients missing several teeth in a row. This amount can go higher if the remaining teeth need to be extracted.

Are There Any Risks Associated With Same-Day Dental Implants?

There are risks associated with same-day dental implants, but they are minimal. The greatest problem with any implant procedure is osseointegration. This is a natural process where your implants fuse with your jawbone. However, the process can take up to six months to fully fuse. So even if your dental crown is immediately inserted in your same-day procedure, the success depends on whether the implant will correctly fuse with the jawbone.

A little bit of shift can cause complications affecting the healing process. Your body will hold the titanium surface off each dental implant with the surrounding jaw bone. The implants may need to be placed in a specific way to keep them stable and unmoving during the healing process.

Same-day implants provide instant results, but osseointegration must occur for the procedure to be efficient and successful in the long term. In addition, a permanent fusion of the implant to the jaw will take time. That is why you should follow recovery guidelines during the healing process.

For good and better results, patients are advised to follow the guidelines outlined by their dentist in Elk Grove. The dentist will recommend you opt for soft foods during the recovery process. You should also avoid biting down on hard foods, as this can make your implants shift. Smoking also affects healing and should therefore be avoided.

When the dental implants are allowed to fuse properly, there will be no movement or slippage of the bridge or the individual teeth. In the end, the osseointegration is completely responsible hands of the patient. This life-long procedure is dependent upon patience and diligence. Failing to follow the instruction given when getting same-day implants in Elk Grove, CA, can lead to you displacing your implants, causing a less comfortable fit and more severe complications.

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